Our Services

Dekoraj Integrated Ltd leverages its services in various areas to fulfil its mission and achieve its vision. These services includes:

Extensive Range of Modern Agricultural Equipment

We offer a comprehensive selection of modern agricultural equipment, tools, and accessories, catering to the diverse needs of farmers and agribusinesses.

Expertise in Farming Setup and Training

We possess advanced knowledge and experience in designing and setting up modern farms, providing training and support to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Range of Industrial Equipments/Power Related, Building Materials and Consumables

We offer sales/procurement, installation and maintenance of various industrial equipments, tools, consumables, also we sell power tools, energy storage/generating equipments/accessories, building/construction tools and accessories.

Technological Advancements

We embrace advanced technologies and innovation in agricultural practices, including agricultural drones, targeted spraying, precision farming, and energy-efficient solutions.

Engineering Fabrication and Construction Expertise

Our team excels in engineering fabrications, steel construction, and welding, ensuring the highest quality and durability of our products and services.

Empowerment Proposal Designs and Management

We specialize in creating unique and sustainable empowerment proposals, contributing to the growth and development of individuals and communities.

Excellent After-Sales Services

We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, servicing, and training, to ensure our clients get the most out of their equipment and tools.

Wide Range of Product Offerings

In addition to agricultural equipment, we supply a diverse range of products, such as general procurements, allowing us to meet various customer needs.

Join us in our journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future for agriculture, industry, and the nation as a whole.